Wednesday 30 July 2014

AMC – Astro Marine Corps (Amstrad CPC review)

Developer: Creepsoft
Publisher: Dinamic Software
Released: 1989

AMC is a side scrolling shooter that shares a few similarities with the game Gryzor (Contra).

It takes part in two different stages - the first sees you dropped off on Planet Dendar where you face a wide range of enemies including killer worms, giant robots and carnivorous plants! There are a few power-ups you can collect along the way including three-way shots, shields and a fire flame - however, it's best to avoid the latter as it doesn't fire rapidly and can leave you exposed. The stage is split up into 8 phases (or checkpoints) so it's very lengthy and you will die repeatedly as you try to progress. The second stage sees you dropped off at the Deathbringers planet and the difficulty ramps up even further. Once you've reached the central base you'll face all manner of cannons, ballthrowers, and laser barriers, and the time limit is very strict (too strict in my opinion). Stick with it though as the final boss is one of the most impressive things you'll witness on the Amstrad CPC (spoiler alert: it's bloody huge!).

Unlike some other graphically stunning games on the CPC that lack substance (After the War, I'm looking at you!), AMC actually has the gameplay to back it up. Sure, the trial and error can be frustrating and the time limits are a bit too harsh, but you'll keep coming back to see if you can get just that little bit further.

A classic Amstrad CPC game that's worth repeated play-throughs.

Random trivia: Enter CREEP as your name in the high score table and you'll be invincible.

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