Monday 2 May 2016

T2: The Arcade Game (SNES review)

Developer: Probe Entertainment Limited
Publisher: LJN
Released: 1994

T2: The Arcade Game is a rail shooter that first appeared in the Arcades in 1991 as Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

Playing as a reprogrammed Terminator, your job is to save John Connor and destroy SKYNET and the T-1000. It supports 1-2 players (co-op) and allows you to use a regular controller, a Mouse or the Super Scope light-gun. The game adopts a first-person perspective and while the levels auto-scroll you must wipe out enemies with either your Gun or a limited secondary weapon such as Missiles. The action is non-stop and makes sure you're fully engaged by overloading you with things to kill. It's generally entertaining and the destructible scenery is a great idea as you can usually find power-ups (such as Smart Bombs) and more ammo. However, being an Arcade game there are cheap hits due to enemies that pop-in quicker than you can fire. Although a few of the levels outstay their welcome, there are some cool missions that break up the action; these include destroying 227 pieces of Cyberdyne's research facility, or protecting a vehicle from AHKs and Gold Endos. The bosses are the clear highlight, especially the battle against SKYNET where you need to destroy its perimeter defenses, or the showdown against John Connor where you knock him down and then drench him in liquid nitrogen. I love that there's multiple controller options but the pad is too slow to react and the Super Scope gun doesn't have a moveable crosshair when you stop firing; it's a real annoyance as you have to guess when you do start firing which can lead to accidentally killing innocent bystanders. The SNES Mouse is the preferred way to play as it offers the highest level of speed and accuracy without the crosshair issue.
T2: The Arcade Game does have some enjoyable moments and the fact that it supports so many different controller configurations is a plus. It is a bit repetitive and uninspired but if you're looking for some mindless shooting action (especially with two players) you could do a lot worse than this.

Random trivia: The game was also ported to numerous other systems including the Amiga, Game Gear and Mega Drive.

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