Sunday 28 August 2016

Tiger Casino ( review)

Developer: Tiger Electronics
Publisher: Tiger Electronics
Released: 1998

Tiger Casino is a compilation of four casino games and two poker games.

In Video Poker you try to gain a winning combination of five cards on two attempts; after the first hand you can choose to Hold certain cards while replacing others. It's mildly interesting but you never play against an opponent so there's no real intensity. In Video Black Jack the objective is to be the closest to 21 without going over. You play against the CPU and there's lots of nice options such as being able to Double or Split hands. It's engrossing but it has a tendency to deal high cards which results in too many Busts. In Video Hi-Low (War) you draw one card which must be greater than your opponents. It's mind-numbing as there's no skill or strategy involved. A mode where you play solo and have to decide whether subsequent cards will be higher or lower would have been better. In Roulette you bet on certain numbers and colours and hope they appear when the small ball rotates around the wheel. The board doesn't appear on one screen and instead you need to flick between three different segments which is cumbersome. There are a few interesting ways to place bets though, such as splitting a chip across two numbers. In Slots 'O Fruit you pull a reel and see if certain combinations appear in up to five lines. The action is boring, as again, all you do is tap a button and hope for the best; there aren't even any Hold buttons to add some strategy. The Leave button is also too close to the lever. T-Rex Slots is even worse as it's identical except you only have one line instead of five.

Tiger Casino is a competent, yet uninspiring collection of gambling games. It plays fine and does cater to the system's strengths (e.g. good use of the touch screen and avoiding LCD blur) but ultimately it lacks any excitement or creativity and wears out its welcome after a few minutes.
Random trivia: This is the only gambling game on the system, although an adaptation of Monopoly was released in 1999.

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