Tuesday 29 March 2022

Blue's Journey (Neo Geo AES / MVS review)

Developer: Alpha Denshi
Publisher: Alpha Denshi
Released: 1991

Blue's Journey is an action-platformer that was ported to the Neo Geo CD in 1994.

+ Multiple routes are available in your quest to reach the final boss which incentivises you to replay the adventure.

+ Offers tactical gameplay by including shops where you can buy items to help you along your journey.

+ The graphics are bright and colourful, and there's some nice examples of parallax scrolling to add scenic depth.

- The ability to shrink down in size is underdeveloped and has little bearing on making your way through each level.

- The controls are extremely slippery which results in overshooting your intended target with alarming frequency.

- Level design is mundane and many of the sections feel like objects are randomly placed rather than cleverly implemented.

- Enemy placement is annoying and foes are always ready to pounce just off-screen to ruin your day.

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