Saturday 5 March 2022

Neo Bomberman (Neo Geo MVS review)

Developer: Produce!
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Released: 1997

Neo Bomberman is an action game that was only released on the Neo Geo MVS.

+ World themes and level design are inventive early on, despite running out of steam in later stages.

+ The ability to throw and push bombs adds strategy and aides replayability as you attempt to tackle stages in different ways.

+ Bosses are a nice feature and their patterns will challenge you in creative ways.

+ Cut-scenes are a much needed reward to break up the action and give you an added incentive to keep progressing.

+ A second player can join the action at any time to help out.

- CPU buddy can be annoying and often puts you in harms way by dropping explosives in perilous paths.

- No way to save your progress which makes a full play-through a real slog.

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