Friday 11 March 2022

Neo Mr. Do! (Neo Geo MVS review)

Developer: Visco
Publisher: SNK, Visco
Released: 1997

Neo Mr. Do! is a maze game and an update to the original Mr. Do! (1982, Arcade).

+ Gameplay is deceptively deep and there's plenty of things to do apart from just collecting cherries.

+ Risk-reward is high as while you can rush through each stage, setting traps and maximising points is engrossing.

+ Lots of variation in the stage layouts / locales and new enemy types are slowly introduced to keep things fresh.

+ The cut-scenes bring Mr Do's personality to life and give you a quick intermission like in Pac-Man (1980, Arcade).

- Some control niggles when turning due to the inaccuracy of an analog stick vs a d-pad in a four-way direction game.

- Only 28 stages and the budget graphics resemble an early Neo Geo title rather than a 1997 release.

- The short music loops are catchy, but do get repetitive the more you play.

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