Monday 4 April 2022

Felony 11-79 (Sony PS1 review)

Developer: Climax Entertainment
Publisher: ASCII Entertainment
Released: 1997

Felony 11-79 is a racing game that was released in Japan as Runabout (1997, Sony PS1).

+ Surf rock music perfectly suits the atmosphere and keeps the energy high.

+ The need to monitor your damage metre while causing mayhem and attempting to rack up a high score is a cool mechanic.

+ Course design is stunning and racing around the huge maps with scenic views is an absolute blast.

+ Multiple routes are available in each course which gives you an incentive to keep playing once you've seen the credits roll.

+ Tons of vehicles to unlock that play very differently to each other and it's fun trying to beat the clock in new ways.

- However, unless you care about unlockable vehicles there's little to keep you interested with only three courses on offer.

- Many environmental hazards have no collision detection which can be jarring when you drive through them unscathed.

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