Monday 30 May 2022

Final Fight CD (Mega CD / Sega CD review)

Developer: A-Wave
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1993

Final Fight CD is a side-scrolling beat-em-up that was first released in the Arcade in 1989.

+ Unlike other home ports of the time, this version includes three playable fighters, co-op mode and all six stages.

+ The weapons / combat attacks are satisfying, particularly Haggar's piledriver move which takes out all enemies in its path!

+ Large range of enemy types on offer and the environmental hazards are a neat touch to make you multi-task.

+ Lots of beautiful locales in which to battle and the game even throws in a few curve balls to surprise players.

+ The exclusive CD music offers a unique soundtrack that's often reminiscent of the Beverly Hills Cop movies.

- Suffers from typical beat-em-up cheapness whereby enemies will repeatedly knock you back down until your life is depleted.

- Some scenes overstay their welcome by forcing you to defeat the same enemy type multiple times before you can advance.

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