Friday 11 November 2022

Creatures (Commodore 64 review)

Developer: Apex Computer Productions
Publisher: Thalamus Ltd
Released: 1990

Creatures is an action-platformer that was also released on the Atari ST (1992) and Commodore Amiga (1993).

+ Stages are lengthy and feature lots of different layout types and enemies to test your platforming prowess.

+ Includes some brilliant puzzle stages to mix things up and get you thinking about the game mechanics in new ways.

+ Controls are outstanding and being able to select your shot type from an in-game menu offers plenty of strategy.

+ Items can be purchased in the between stage shop that afford new offensive weapons to make life easier. 

- However, if you don't purchase the correct item you can find yourself unable to advance at certain points.

- Stage 2's underwater levels really bring the action to a crawl and initiate a brutal, long-lasting difficulty spike.

- Game has a nasty habit of randomly crashing and ruining all of your hard work at a moments notice.

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