Tuesday 25 April 2023

Marble Madness (Sega Mega Drive review)

Developer: Tengen
Publisher: Tengen
Released: 1993

Marble Madness is a ball rolling game that was released exclusively in Japan and differs from the Sega Genesis version (1991).

+ Multiple routes are available, which is great for shaving off precious seconds by finding the optimal path.

+ Some neat ideas to advance the gameplay such as catapults and tilting ramps, and the two-player option is intact.

+ More faithful to the 1984 Arcade original than the Genesis port in terms of colours, ball physics and challenge.

- Game is extraordinarily light on content and once you've beaten the measly six courses there's nothing else to do.

- Difficulty spike in Level 4 is sharp and nothing prepares you for the extreme precision that's required.

- The main incentive is to gain a high score, but unfortunately there's no battery backup available to save them.

- Music is less grating than the tunes found in its Sega Genesis counterpart, but overall the soundtrack is very ill-fitting.

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