Tuesday 25 July 2023

Dark Chambers (Atari 7800 review)

Developer: Sculptured Software
Publisher: Atari Corporation
Released: 1988

Dark Chambers is a dungeon crawler that was originally released as Dandy (1983, Atari 8-bit).

+ Well designed mazes, with optional secret areas to explore that house items to replenish health or increase your point total.

+ Unlike Gauntlet (1985, Arcade), you have the ability to gain power-ups and the constantly depleting life bar is absent.

+ Caters well to expert players, as higher difficulties alter enemy positions and introduce tougher opponents earlier than usual.

+ Controls are solid and you always feel you can deftly escape any situation with your diagonal fire and screen clearing bombs.

+ Two-player co-op mode is great and there's some canny ways to earn points, such as destroying items you already possess.

- In Standard and Advanced modes, enemies can be overbearing bullet sponges until you get the opportunity to power-up.

- Lack of in-game music takes away from the overall atmosphere, and the walking animation is rather awkward looking.

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