Tuesday 1 August 2023

Wirehead (Sega CD review)

Developer: The Code Monkeys
Publisher: Sega MGM Interactive
Released: 1995

Wirehead is a Full Motion Video (FMV) game that was only released in North America.

+ FMV quality is passable and in full screen (without borders), while some scenes have multiple ways for you to progress.

+ Plot is so far-fetched and nonsensical that it keeps you invested in seeing what ridiculous shenanigans come up next.

- No logical reasoning to determine which direction you should press, leaving you to memorise every single button command.

- After a failed attempt, the game can throw you back into the middle of the action with a button prompt staring you in the face.

- Neither the game or the manual explain the protagonists' 'accident', even though it's a crucial part of the story arch.

- Acting by your main character is abysmal and he shows very little emotion despite finding out his family has been kidnapped!

- No pay-off to most of the story, as the player has zero input during the rescue scene, nor the arresting of the antagonists.

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