Thursday 28 December 2023

Castelian (NES review)

Developer: Bits Studios
Publisher: Triffix
Released: 1991

Castelian is a platform game that was also released on the Atari 7800 as Tower Toppler (1988).

+ Level design is superb and there's always multiple hazards / enemy types vying for your attention to keep you invested.

+ Frequently includes clever puzzle elements, such as purposely taking damage in order to reach lower platforms.

+ Platformer mini-game is more fun than Atari's shooter interlude, and the disappearing ledges provide a good challenge.

- Gameplay can be punishingly tough until you memorise layouts and enemy patterns, even on Novice difficulty.

- Both jump and shoot are mapped to the same button, which can occasionally lead to the wrong action being performed.

- Collision detection is spotty and your character often falls off platforms despite not being at the very edge.

- Controls in the platformer mini-game suffer from animation lag and you can't adjust your jump in mid-air.

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