Wednesday 7 February 2024

The Untouchables (NES review)

Developer: Special FX Software
Publisher: Ocean
Released: 1990

The Untouchables is an action game that's based on the 1987 movie of the same name.

+ Contains multiple gameplay styles to keep things fresh, and despite the high difficulty there's unlimited continues on offer.

+ Having to constantly monitor your squad's health and switch between them to stay alive is an interesting mechanic.

- Alley levels could have used Zapper support, as you'll typically take damage while moving the cursor across the screen.

- While fixed in the REV-B cart, the Border Raid stage features a cursor that only appears while firing, negating accuracy.

- Warehouse level has stiff controls that result in inaccurate jumping and delayed inputs when attempting to fire your gun.

- Train Station escort mission gives little visibility of what lies ahead, and the only way to succeed is through trial-and-error.

- Music is ear-piercing, and bizarrely, the game kicks you back to the title screen at the end of each completed mission.

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