Saturday 15 June 2024

Batman (PC Engine review)

Developer: Sunsoft
Publisher: Sunsoft
Released: 1990

Batman is a maze game that was only released in Japan.

+ Fans of the Bomberman series of games will find lots to enjoy due to similarities in maze layouts and power-up items.

+ New paths open up as you explore Gotham City's maps, and foes can be shot through walls for a strategic advantage.

+ Music is top-tier with bass-heavy tracks that set a gritty mood, and there's some excellent cinematic cut-scenes.

- Level objectives aren't engaging and the game's repetitive nature is its Achilles heel in terms of longevity.

- Using arrows to transport you around levels is a tedious chore and the game never makes you feel like a superhero.

- Batman is momentarily inoperable once a batarang is launched, which often leaves you in harms way from rear enemies.

- Bosses are entirely absent until the finale, and even the battle against Joker is lacklustre in its simplicity and scope.

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