Sunday 30 June 2024

Foes of Ali (3DO review)

Developer: Gray Matter
Publisher: EA Sports
Released: 1995

Foes of Ali is a boxing game that's exclusive to the 3DO console.

+ Features an impressive amount of customisation options to tailor the rules to your preferred style.

+ Allows you to choose between 20 camera angles, with the first-person option blurring your vision as you take damage.

- However, some of the angles are unusable, particularly the bizarre option to move the camera to a ceiling view!

- Most fights end up in non-stop button mashing, as it's often hard to tell who (if anyone) is actually connecting with punches.

- Severe clipping issues, as hooks to the body often do no damage despite your fist travelling through your opponent's body!

- SFX when you land a punch are unsatisfying, and the atmosphere is lacking due to the absence of a commentary team.

- Little rhyme-or-reason as to when a foe gets knocked down, despite them getting punched repeatedly with no energy.

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