Saturday 8 June 2024

Treasure Master (NES review)

Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: American Softworks
Released: 1991

Treasure Master is an action-platformer that was only released in North America.

+ Level design makes excellent use of verticality and allows you to explore on land, in the sky, or in the sea.

+ Each world offers new ideas, and despite some necessary backtracking the levels never feel too large or overwhelming.

+ Seamlessly mixes in both action and puzzle elements, and figuring out how to use your inventory is enjoyable.

+ Music is phenomenal with lots of soaring memories and even some tracks that have an energetic, almost techno edge.

- Gameplay is tough due to the amount of trial-and-error that's required, and the collision detection is questionable.

- Enemies respawn constantly, and most screens don't scroll vertically when you jump, instead momentarily pausing to load.

- Locks the final world behind a password that must be inputted before you start, otherwise you can't finish the game.

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