Monday 25 May 2015

World Soccer (Master System review)

Developer: Sega
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1987

World Soccer is a sports game that was released as Great Soccer in the US and as Super Futebol in Brazil.

It supports 1-2 players and you can either play a single match or a penalty kick contest. Eight national teams are available including Brazil, USA and Argentina and each match consists of a 5-on-5 game. The action is slow and choppy and trying to control your team is an exercise in frustration. Even simple things like passing the ball become a problem when your player always has to take 2-3 steps forward before performing that action. By that time the defender has already closed in on you and slide tackled the ball away! When you do manage to pass your recipient inexplicably stands frozen still until the ball reaches him; the opposing team can still move around though and they always manage to reach your player before he can take control of the pass. The end result is frequent wrestling of the ball that looks more like a rugby scrum! To tackle an opposing player all you need to do is walk into them which takes out a lot of the skill involved. The A.I. is terrible and there's times that the opposing goalkeeper disappears off-screen when you take a shot on goal! The funniest part is that if you win the single match you're automatically declared the champion and a cut scene plays showing you holding the World Cup trophy. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the matches but the other teams must be pretty annoyed that they didn't even get to participate! The penalty shootout mode doesn't fare much better as it simply involves holding a direction to shoot / dive with the outcome being completely random.

World Soccer is a barebones sports title that looks like it was developed with very little care. It has zero redeeming qualities and the awful gameplay modes on offer really aren't worth your time.

Random trivia: In Japan the game was re-released a year later along with the Sega Sports Pad which had a trackball instead of a d-pad.

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