Tuesday 22 March 2022

Neo Turf Masters (Neo Geo Pocket Color review)

Developer: Saurus
Publisher: SNK
Released: 1999

Neo Turf Masters is a golf game that was first released on the Neo Geo MVS in 1996.

+ Impressive how much it mirrors its console big brother in terms of presentation, music, cut-scenes and gameplay.

+ Course design is sublime and throws in some shrewd curve-balls via hazards / obstacles to test your ability.

+ The shot interface is intuitive and even first-timers can learn to master the advanced draw/fade mechanic within minutes.

+ Putting is straightforward too and affords you a decent margin of error if you're not perfectly lined up on the power metre.

+ Your completed tournament progress can be saved and the game keeps a comprehensive record of your achievements.

- Would have benefited from some shorter gameplay modes, as completing 18-holes on a handheld isn't always ideal.

- Crowd sound effects are inconsistent and don't always play despite (for example) a great iron shot that lands close to the pin.

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