Monday 21 March 2022

Puzzle Link 2 (Neo Geo Pocket Color review)

Developer: Yumekobo
Publisher: SNK
Released: 2000

Puzzle Link 2 is a tile-matching puzzle game and the sequel to the 1999 Neo Geo Pocket Color original.

+ Collecting cards is very addictive and the timer to obtain them in each stage encourages you to improve your skills.

+ The Card Game mode consists of 60 stages compared to just 46 in the original.

+ The All Clear mode cleverly switches things up by forcing you to eliminate all tiles within a set number of moves.

+ Presentation is terrific with a huge range of character art and card stats that bring personality to the action.

+ Bite-sized puzzles are perfect for a handheld title and your progress (and high scores) are saved automatically.

- Difficulty settings have been removed, so it's perhaps not as welcoming to newcomers.

- New additions are marginal at best and if you've played the original there's not much here that's worth the upgrade.

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