Monday 7 March 2022

Thrash Rally (Neo Geo AES / MVS review)

Developer: Alpha Denshi
Publisher: Alpha Denshi
Released: 1991

Thrash Rally is a racing game that was released on the Neo Geo CD, AES and MVS. 

+ Wide range of vehicles to choose from that all play differently.

+ Sprite scaling when you're airborne is fantastic and gives you a better spatial view of your landing zone.

+ Tracks are generally well designed and include plenty of scenic locales / surface types to race on.

- Game is very light on content and you can pretty much see everything it has to offer in 20 minutes.

- Never feels particularly speedy, even if you select the fastest vehicle.

- Navigation assistance features confusing turn indicators, and doesn't always give you enough notice of an upcoming bend.

- Opponent A.I. is very odd and they'll frequently adjust their speed in an instant, or randomly veer off course and crash.

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