Tuesday 8 March 2022

Nightmare in the Dark (Neo Geo MVS review)

Developer: AM Factory
Publisher: SNK
Released: 2000

Nightmare in the Dark is an action-platformer that was released exclusively on the Neo Geo MVS.

+ Backdrops and graphics are detailed and help create a distinctive, eerie setting.

+ Good range of enemies with unique attack patterns, and the overall difficulty curve is fair.

+ Boss battles are enjoyable and some feature impressively large sprites.

+ Ability to carry offensive fireballs around the playfield gives the action some strategy.

- Gameplay is very derivative of Snow Bros. (1990, NES) and Bubble Bobble (1986, Arcade) and offers little innovation.

- Only 25 total stages are available which lessens its long-term appeal.

- Music doesn't fit the mood whatsoever and sounds like it belongs in a cutesy 3D platformer.

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