Monday 20 June 2022

Batman & Robin (Tiger review)

Developer: Tiger Electronics
Publisher: Tiger Electronics
Released: 1997

Batman & Robin is an action game that was packaged with the console.

+ The option to choose from five weapon types prior to each stage is a terrific idea that encourages experimentation.

+ Graphics are outstanding for the console with lots of detailed backgrounds and neat shadow effects.

- Combat is entirely broken as normal punches are usually ineffective, while jump kicking can be spammed throughout.

- The LCD ghosting makes it challenging to immediately determine when an enemy is approaching from off-screen.

- Action sections are repetitive, while the first-person gallery shooting areas fail as you can't see incoming attacks.

- The handheld always feels like it's punching above its weight due to the significant slowdown and unresponsive controls.

- The primitive bleeps and bloops that are supposed to pass for music add nothing to the experience or ambience.

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