Tuesday 21 June 2022

Williams Arcade Classics (Tiger Game.com review)

Developer: Digital Eclipse Software, Inc.
Publisher: Tiger Electronics, Inc.
Released: 1997

Williams Arcade Classics is a collection of five games from the 1980s.

+ Each game caters for all skill levels, as they allow you to customise the difficulty level, lives and bonus thresholds.

- Defender is full of random slowdown and the sound effects frequently kick-in well after you've destroyed an enemy.

- Including Defender II is a bit overkill in a five game compilation and its poor frame-rate and awful SFX ruin the experience.

- Joust requires absolute precision to line-up hits, yet the unresponsive controls make this an impossible task.

- Robotron doesn't feature auto-fire and it often struggles to even allow you to shoot when too many sprites are on-screen.

- Sinistar includes the iconic voice clips, but trying to manoeuvre with the stiff controls in an exercise in frustration.

- Overall presentation is severely lacking, as each game menu looks exactly the same and there's no extra features.

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