Wednesday 1 June 2022

The Terminator (Mega CD / Sega CD review)

Developer: Virgin Games
Publisher: Virgin Games
Released: 1993

The Terminator is a run 'n' gun game that's exclusive to Sega's CD console.

+ The level design is linear enough to stop you getting lost, while offering just enough off-the-beaten paths to explore.

+ City stages that appear halfway through create a really nice dichotomy against the recurrent industrial environments.

+ The controls are solid (allowing you freedom to make quick-second decisions) and every death feels like your own fault.

+ The CD quality music elicits a downbeat, atmospheric mood that matches the dystopian setting perfectly.

+ While the graphics don't make full use of the console's abilities, the menacing stage backgrounds set a foreboding tone.

- Perhaps would have benefited from some additional boss fights and/or set pieces to break up the action.

- The movie clips feature heavy compression / pixelation and it's often hard to decipher what you're actually looking at.

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