Thursday 28 July 2022

Pro Wrestling (NES review)

Developer: Nintendo R&D3
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: 1987

Pro Wrestling is a sports game that's part of the NES Black Box series. 

+ Decent amount of moves on offer and the fact that each character has unique special attacks gives the game longevity.

+ Being able to throw your opponent over the ropes and then fight outside the ring increases your battle options.

+ Five-minute time limit per match adds urgency and forces you to play strategically and aggressively to avoid a draw.

+ Some nice crowd SFX, and the referee / cameraman help to round out the excellent overall presentation.

+ Two-player mode is addictive and the non-stop button mashing leads to many hilarious moments and bragging rights.

- Single-player is lacking in true content and the omission of any extra modes hurts its long-term appeal.

- Collision detection when attempting to execute non-grapple moves can be annoyingly inconsistent.

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