Thursday 8 September 2022

Missile Defense 3-D (Sega Master System review)

Developer: Sega R&D 2
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1987

Missile Defense 3-D is an action game that uses both the Sega 3-D Glasses and the Light Phaser.

+ Using both the 3-D Glasses and the Light Phaser is a genius idea that takes immersion to a whole new level.

+ While there is some ghosting on the title screen, the 3D is fairly well done and gives a good sense of scale.

+ Impending doom of only having three scenes to destroy all missiles gives the game some much needed tension.

- After 60 seconds of playing the game you've seen everything it has to offer, as it's basically a glorified tech demo.

- Apart from enemy projectiles, the stages have zero movement or scrolling, making everything seem rather lifeless.

- The light-gun implementation is questionable, as clear hits occasionally do nothing or your lasers refuse to fire.

- Several music tracks and some of the sound effects feature high-pitched tones that are ear-piercing.

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