Thursday 8 September 2022

Stunt Car Extreme (Tapwave Zodiac review)

Developer: Fathammer
Publisher: Tapwave
Released: 2003

Stunt Car Extreme is a racing game that was packed in with the Zodiac console.

+ Track design is generally good and each includes multiple routes which is ideal for determining the most efficient lap times.

+ Unlocking new events and cars is gratifying, and your fellow racers have some personality that enhances the competition.

+ It's exhilarating to boost wildly and successfully pip the opponent to the finish line as you teeter on the edge of control.

- Frame-rate is choppy though which results in over/under-steering when cornering or attempting to line up for a ramp jump.

- Accelerate and nitro buttons are positioned too closely together, and one should have been mapped to the R trigger.

- Graphics are average, with low quality textures and a severe amount of pop-in that can affect your racing lines.

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