Tuesday 11 October 2022

Jumping Flash! (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Exact, Ultra
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Released: 1995

Jumping Flash! is a first-person platformer that's exclusive to Sony's 32-bit console.

+ Stages feel like large playgrounds that encourage you to explore and decipher how to reach far-off objects / platforms.

+ Draw distance is terrific and the ability to shoot enemies at range from higher platforms gives you a tactical edge.

+ Despite the atypical viewpoint, it's very easy to position yourself for a landing thanks to a handy guide shadow.

+ The surprising indoor levels are a nice diversion and resemble a first-person shooter like Doom (1993, MS-DOS).

+ The bosses are super fun and only get better as you progress due to their shifting attack patterns during battle.

- Features only six short worlds (that contain three levels each), so it's unfortunately an all-too-brief adventure.

- The unlockable Extra Mode (where the location of items is altered) is a rather cheap way to artificially extend play time.

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