Tuesday 4 October 2022

Runabout 2 (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Climax Entertainment
Publisher: Hot-B
Released: 2000

Runabout 2 is a racing game and the follow-up to Felony 11-79 (1997, Sony PlayStation).

+ Branching mission paths allow you to choose your route through the game and follow a particular story arch.

+ Locales feature scenic backdrops (such as beaches and casino strips) that provide plenty of eye candy for your tasks.

+ There's a ton of vehicles to unlock and the included email function gives you tips on each part of your challenge.

+ The 'Restart' option gets you back into the action almost immediately to alleviate some frustration.

- Strict time limits in early missions mean that completing a task on your first attempt is nigh-on impossible.

- The plot is nonsensical, while the missions are uninteresting and show a lack of innovation in advancing the series.

- Frequent slowdown (usually when driving through populated city areas) that affects your attempted vehicle turns.

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