Saturday 15 October 2022

Roll Away (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Game Design Sweden AB
Publisher: Psygnosis
Released: 1998

Roll Away is a puzzle-platformer that was released in Europe as Kula World.

+ Controls are superb with intricately designed levels that provide plenty of satisfaction when you figure out the solution.

+ Ability to open up bonus levels by collecting hidden fruit gives you a great incentive to explore rather than just hunting keys.

+ Mixes things up well and the levels where you need to roll over the entire terrain resembles Q*bert (1982, Arcade).

+ An absolute ton of levels are included (with a handy save feature to boot), so there's plenty of value for money.

- However, the save feature only banks your progress after five levels are completed, which can result in annoying repetition.

- Lack of a 360° camera functionality means it usually takes longer to find the correct waypoint.

- Music is monotonous and adds little atmosphere, while the in-game text is blurry or obscured by trippy backgrounds.

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