Tuesday 18 October 2022

The Italian Job (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Pixelogic
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Released: 2002

The Italian Job is a driving game that was also released on Windows in 2002.

+ Extensive list of modes is fantastic and there's plenty to keep you occupied once you've finished the main story.

+ The car handling is excellent with a nice weight to the vehicles and easy counter-steering against sharp handbrake turns.

+ The cities are beautifully imagined and the impressive number of vehicles and pedestrians make the locales feel alive.

+ Voiceovers from a Michael Caine impersonator are hilarious and drive the narrative, while the music creates a playful mood.

- Missions usually rely on trial-and-error to complete which slowly sucks the fun out of each objective.

- Missions are also unimaginative, as even the multi-part ones are simple 'drive from point A to B to C' affairs with little variety.

- Load times are outrageous and it's a chore having to watch cut-scenes every time you reload a failed task.

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