Friday 4 November 2022

Burnin' Rubber (Amstrad GX4000 review)

Developer: Ocean
Publisher: Ocean
Released: 1990

Burnin' Rubber is a racing game that was packed-in with the Amstrad GX4000 console.

+ The sense of speed is decent and the frame-rate holds up reasonably well, even when several cars litter the track.

+ The day/night system as you complete each lap is impressive and makes the journey feel grander in scale.

+ Graphics are superb with detailed car sprites and some excellent animation, particularly the waving flags prior to each race.

- Only one mode offering a rather bare-bones package that lacks any real replay value once you've completed the short GP.

- No meaningful scenic variety and the minor shifts in roadside objects aren't enough to make the locales feel distinctive.

- Controls are stiff and attempting swift manoeuvres is pot-luck due to your heavy vehicle and lack of steering animation.

- Fellow drivers have a maddening tendency to move their vehicle into your lane, just as you're about to pass them.

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