Monday 28 November 2022

Pandemonium! (Nokia N-Gage review)

Developer: Toys for Bob
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Released: 2003

Pandemonium! is a platformer that was originally released on the Sony PlayStation in 1996.

+ Level design features sprawling locales that constantly entice you to explore by including multiple paths and hidden treasure.

+ Jam-packed with fun ideas to surprise you, and the playable animals switch up the gameplay in interesting ways.

+ Unlike the PlayStation version (which uses an antiquated password system) your progress is automatically saved here.

- Only features 11 of the 18 stages found in the PS1 original, which is a sizeable chunk of missing content.

- At times, the action zooms out so far that it's tough to see your character, or accurately leap forward without landing on a hazard.

- The frame-rate often dips to single digits, affecting both precision manoeuvring and button presses when trying to double jump.

- Music has been stripped out during gameplay which leaves each stage devoid of any real personality.

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