Tuesday 27 December 2022

Ridge Racer (Sony PlayStation review)

Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Released: 1995

Ridge Racer is an arcade style racing game and a launch title for the Sony PlayStation.

+ Meticulously crafted courses with just enough wiggle room in some corners to encourage 'pedal to the metal' over breaking.

+ The action is outrageously fast and it's exhilarating being on a knife edge between in-control and reckless abandon.

+ Cars drive beautifully and successfully managing to drift between CPU vehicles is a moment of pure joy that never gets old.

+ Techno music is reminiscent of early Prodigy tracks and helps elevate the intensity of the breakneck racing.

+ The majority of the game is loaded into RAM on boot-up, so load times (and restarting a course) is blazingly fast.

- Despite the unlockable 'Mirror' mode, the game is very light on content and needed at least double the number of courses.

- Unfortunately, there are some distracting glitches on the track where a blue texture is visible in-between the concrete.

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