Sunday 12 February 2023

Wild Guns (SNES review)

Developer: Natsume
Publisher: Natsume
Released: 1995

Wild Guns is a third-person gallery style shooter that was re-released on the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console in 2010.

+ Gameplay has a great flow to it and once you become accustomed to the dash mechanic you'll quickly even the playing field.

+ Ability to throw dynamite back towards enemies is immensely satisfying and the close quarters melee battles add variety.

+ Allows you to choose from four stages once you've beaten the opening level which is excellent for honing your skills.

+ Two-player co-op mode is a blast and keeps track of your scores separately to encourage friendly competitiveness.

+ Graphics are gorgeous with highly detailed backdrops and stunning pixel art that immerses you into the game world.

+ Bonus Rounds are reminiscent of Street Fighter II Turbo (1993, SNES) and give you a great opportunity to rack up points.

- You can see everything it has to offer in 30 minutes, and when things start heating up you'll suddenly be watching the credits.

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