Sunday 12 March 2023

Asterix (NES review)

Developer: Bit Managers
Publisher: Infogrames
Released: 1993

Asterix is an action-platformer that was released exclusively in Europe.

+ Stage design opens up as you progress and introduces variety through tiered platforming levels and forced scrolling.

+ Item blocks are sometimes placed in precarious positions, adding a cool risk-reward dynamic to the gameplay.

+ Tons of opportunities to earn extra lives, which helps alleviate the frustration of tough platforming sections.

+ Bonus Rounds are enjoyable, as they challenge you to collect items (usually in a particular order) while avoiding perilous pits.

- Asterix's attack range is short and the requirement to be very close to enemies to register hits can cause inadvertent damage.

- Lacks any real personality and charm to hook players into the world setting, and the overall presentation is bland.

- Only features a singular boss battle (at the end of the game) with nothing in-between to act as a barrier to your quest.

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