Monday 13 March 2023

The Trolls in Crazyland (NES review)

Developer: KID
Publisher: American Softworks
Released: 1993

The Trolls in Crazyland is an action-platformer that's exclusive to the NES in PAL regions.

+ Levels pose a decent challenge and the boss battles are memorable with gigantic, menacing sprites.

+ Minecart rides are reasonably fun (with an impressive loop-the-loop graphical effect), and the faux game ending is brilliant.

+ Music is top-tier and rivals some of the best soundtracks from NES stalwarts like Capcom and Tecmo.

- Level design repeats both stage and enemy layouts in quick succession, which gives the action a cut-and-paste feel.

- Mechanic of gaining more powerful weapons when you're low on health is ridiculous and doesn't reward skilled play.

- When at full health, regular enemies can often be complete bullet sponges, making it a real drag to move ahead.

- Controls are floaty / overly-sensitive, and your character has a tendency to slide off ledges with alarming frequency.

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