Monday 6 March 2023

Championship Rally (NES review)

Developer: Human Entertainment
Publisher: HAL Laboratory
Released: 1991

Championship Rally is a racing game that was only released in Australia and Japan (the latter in 1992).

+ Courses are plentiful and well designed, while including many twists and turns to challenge your driving prowess.

+ Nice amount of freedom to customise your vehicle prior to each race, and you can even change tires after each lap.

+ The drift mechanic is incredibly stylish and it's always gratifying powersliding around a tricky U-shaped bend.

- Your co-driver leaves upcoming cornering instructions to the last second, which negates real use of the turbo function.

- No opponent cars are ever displayed on the track and the end result is a rather lifeless racing experience.

- Manual doesn't explain the difference between multiple tire options under one category (e.g. 'Snow' tires are called 'SN-1-4').

- The user-interface isn't particularly intuitive which leads to lots of fumbling around the menus on first boot-up.

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