Wednesday 8 March 2023

The Smurfs (NES review)

Developer: Bit Managers
Publisher: Infogrames
Released: 1994

The Smurfs is a platformer that was only released in Europe.

+ Level design never rests on one idea for too long, both in terms of gameplay styles and visual settings.

+ Includes auto-scrolling levels to switch things up that are seemingly inspired by Donkey Kong Country (1994, SNES).

+ Catchy music tracks that range from upbeat to more serious / sombre depending on the stage setting.

- With only ten brief stages and three pedestrian boss fights, it won't be long before you're watching the end credits.

- Despite the cutesy exterior, the action is surprisingly tough from the outset and the difficulty curve is almost back-to-front.

- The collision detection is wonky and you'll likely lose many lives by falling straight through platform objects.

- Colour scheme throughout is generally drab and unappealing, with little in the way of graphical tile detail.

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