Thursday 9 March 2023

Disney's Aladdin (NES review)

Developer: NMS Software
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Released: 1994

Disney's Aladdin is an action-platformer that was originally released on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive in 1993.

+ Does a somewhat respectable job of recreating the 16-bit stages, including its sense of platforming verticality.

- Controls are an abomination, with delayed button presses and sword attacks that clip through enemies with zero effect.

- No visual clue as to whether you have your sword or apples selected, which leads to lots of wasted projectiles.

- Awful sprite flicker, and the dodgy collision detection means you can hit enemies by throwing apples over their heads!

- Character sprites are minuscule and the awful colour palette does nothing to take advantage of the console's power.

- The music has a tendency to slightly speed up and down like a warped vinyl record, which is very distracting.

- Cut-scene text is incredibly hard to read due to the illegible font choice and garish colour scheme.

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