Tuesday 14 March 2023

Disney's Beauty and the Beast (SNES review)

Developer: Probe Software
Publisher: Hudson Soft
Released: 1994

Disney's Beauty and the Beast is an action-platformer that was also released on the NES in 1994.

+ Great graphics and fantastic use of parallax scrolling to give the environments a real sense of depth and scale.

- Beast is a real slog to control and his heavy movements mean you can barely adjust his position while in mid-jump.

- Opening stage makes a terrible first impression, as instead of easing you in it focuses on tricky jumps / enemy placement.

- Progression relies heavily on trial-and-error and a lot of the stages can't be beaten first time on pure skill alone.

- Game seems like it wants to screw you over at every opportunity and gives you little time to react to incoming enemies.

- Later levels completely omit checkpoints and place you in arduous disappearing platform areas like Mega Man (1987, NES).

- Bosses are uninspired and the zoomed-in screen causes problems with not being able to see them charging to attack.

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