Tuesday 14 March 2023

Banana Prince (NES review)

Developer: KID
Publisher: Takara
Released: 1992

Banana Prince is an action game that was only released on the NES in Germany.

+ Good range of weapon upgrades available that allow for long-range attacks, and the boss battles are mildly enjoyable.

+ Growing and climbing stalks provides you with a fun way to explore the expansive locales in search of rings.

- Has an identity problem and is never quite sure how to best serve the player, or create a cohesive whole.

- The casino and quiz shows only serve to distract you from the action and come across as unnecessary padding.

- Level design is mediocre and there's far too many death pits that attempt to tease players into leaps of faith.

- Fails to provide an intuitive upgrade path to the weapons, leaving you guessing as to what's most beneficial.

- Controls have a slight delay to them, and the screen scrolling is choppy which makes it hard to avoid projectiles.

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