Monday 20 March 2023

Disney's The Lion King (NES review)

Developer: Dark Technologies
Publisher: Virgin Interactive
Released: 1995

Disney's The Lion King is an action-platformer that has the distinction of being the last licensed game for the console.

+ Includes the ostrich sections from the Mega Drive original (1994), something not fully attempted in Sega's 8-bit offerings.

- Inexplicably, all of Simba's levels are omitted, so you never get to complete the story arc and gain your adult abilities.

- Levels that include swinging from hippos and monkeys suffer from heavy slowdown which takes out any real fun.

- The Stampede stage is a complete embarrassment, as the rudimentary top-down view resembles an Atari 2600 game.

- Controls are a mess and the simple act of jumping is turned into a crapshoot as to whether the game will let you do so.

- The graphics are hideous, with minuscule sprites and an awful dithering effect that replaces any detailed tile shading.

- Musically, the melodies are stripped to their bare minimum (with a real lack of bass) and the drum snare is pathetically weak.

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