Tuesday 2 May 2023

Fantasy Zone (Sega Master System review)

Developer: Sega R&D 2
Publisher: Sega
Released: 1986

Fantasy Zone is a shoot-em-up that was originally released in the Arcade in 1986.

+ Learning which of the 11 different weapons and power-ups are most effective encourages repeat play-throughs.

+ Tons of enemy types, bosses are inventive, and the collectable coins add a great risk-reward element to the gameplay.

+ A really cool additional challenge comes from disabling the weapon timer by first purchasing all the engine power-ups.

- However, without this trick the weapons last a very short amount of time, making their usefulness rather limited.

- Mega-expensive Rocket Engine isn't worth the price of admission, as your ship's movements end up being ultra twitchy.

- Difficulty level is sky-high and the need to ferociously button mash quickly leads to physical fatigue.

- Missing the radar screen from the Arcade original, and enemies have a tendency to blur into the background.

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