Sunday 28 May 2023

NHL Hockey (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis review)

Developer: Park Place Production Team
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: 1991

NHL Hockey is a sports game that was released in other regions as EA Hockey.

+ Plenty of modes including a two-player option where you can either work as teammates or battle head-to-head.

+ Great sense of speed that's complimented by fluid animation, and the camera always does a good job of following the puck.

+ Controls feel tight and responsive, while the game engine consistently auto-selects the right player for you.

+ Stats for each team carry real weight, and you can immediately tell the difference between a skating defender and attacker.

+ Instant Replay is excellent for reliving cool moments, and it's made all the better thanks to the slow-mo / rewind options.

+ Brilliant SFX pull you closer to the action and make a real impact when you knock an opponent down in play or in a fight.

- However, it's disappointing that there's no season mode for hardcore players to sink their teeth into across a full 80 games.

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