Monday 29 May 2023

John Madden Football (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis review)

Developer: Park Place Productions
Publisher: EA Sports
Released: 1990

John Madden Football is a sports game and the first title in the series released for home consoles.

+ Scouting reports prior to each match are useful, as they provide detailed analysis on how you can attack your opponent.

+ Comprehensive number of plays are available, and the audible option is a game-changer for switching things up at the line.

+ Both the pass and run games feel effective when you mix things in, and the special teams adjustable meter is simple, but fun.

+ Being able to view a three receiver passing window is incredible and allows you to intelligently throw to open players.

+ On defense, the diagrams of each play cater to all knowledge levels, as they clearly state the role of your chosen defender.

+ Despite the multitude of on-screen sprites, there's never any flicker and the engine maintains a rock-solid frame-rate.

- Crowd SFX have no dynamics, and the instant replay feature found in later Madden games is sorely missed here.

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