Thursday 27 July 2023

Rackets & Rivals (NES review)

Developer: Palcom
Publisher: Palcom
Released: 1993

Rackets & Rivals is a tennis game that was only released in PAL territories.

+ Features an impressive amount of speech samples, and gameplay supports 1-4 players via the NES Four Score.

+ Music has high arching melodies and progressive bass / snare sounds that resemble Batman: The Video Game (1989, NES).

- It's extraordinarily difficult to hit the ball due to the mandatory animation wind up that gives you no time to react.

- Demands that your player is lined up with pixel precision, so angled shots take a backseat to actually making contact.

- Using the Semi-Auto option means your player is always in the right position, but it depreciates and cheapens the gameplay.

- CPU intelligence is very inconsistent, and they'll often start making uncharacteristic mistakes to let you back into the set.

- Matches are frequently interrupted by either player randomly taking issue with the umpiring calls, which halts the action.

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