Wednesday 9 August 2023

Crime Patrol (Sega CD review)

Developer: American Laser Games
Publisher: American Laser Games
Released: 1994

Crime Patrol is a light-gun game that was first released in the Arcade in 1993.

+ There's always at least three missions to choose from, as well as unlimited continues and generous checkpoints.

+ Incredible production values with varied locales that set a captivating backdrop to the game's entertaining missions.

+ Progression system of having different partners as you move up the ranks is a clever hook that rewards skilled play.

+ FMV quality is much better than other American Laser Games entries, as foes are always easy to spot in the distance.

- The final DELTA stages are absolutely brutal, as enemies give you no time to react before killing you with one bullet.

- In some scenes, the camera swings around wildly and the low FPS makes it challenging to line up shots.

- Your SWAT team partner is incredibly annoying and has a constant desire to refer to your character as: "Dude!"

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