Friday 11 August 2023

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold (Sega CD review)

Developer: American Laser Games
Publisher: American Laser Games
Released: 1994

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold is a light-gun game and the follow-up to Mad Dog McCree (1993, Sega CD).

+ FMV is improved over the original and the one-on-one quick-draw events are used sparingly to make a greater impact.

+ Hit boxes are forgiving and unlike some other Sega CD light-gun games enemies give you time to spot them before firing.

+ Fun missions are more cinematic, especially those with sweeping camera angles such as the train getaway scene.

+ Ability to choose from three different progression routes adds replay value and intrigue to the interwoven plot.

- Despite the enhanced FMV, it's still infuriatingly tough to spot pixelated enemies in the distance, resulting in cheap deaths.

- Final mission is a complete mess, as the limited colour palette of the Sega CD means that enemies blur into the scenery.

- Unlike the original game, you now have limited continues which can compound the aforementioned visibility issues.

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